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KPMG Digital Enablement supported one of its clients with an end-to-end transformation project in what turned out to be an unexpected journey

Consultants working with clients on transformation project

When we first started this project, our client asked us to think about some basic questions, such as whether to invest more in their B2C or B2B market, whether they should reduce or increase their current product offer, what would be the next big thing in their sector, etc. However, when we started to dive into the desires and ambitions of the company, we discovered that it was high time to replace the client’s current IT systems in order to address future customer demands.

What I find interesting about this case is how we were able to go beyond the initial request of the client and help them to work more efficiently and effectively at the same time. And to be honest, this would never have been possible if we had not acted as one team and #OneKPMG. It’s that healthy mix of business-oriented colleagues, application-oriented people and project managers that helped us make this journey a success.

At KPMG we always integrate colleagues from other teams with different types of expertise into our projects to make sure we deliver the best possible solution for our clients. This flexibility and multidisciplinary approach, during each step of the project, was critical to our success. What’s more, we all benefit from this multidisciplinary approach, which allows us to learn from each other and keep an open mind at all times.


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