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Our people are appreciated for their professional skills and expertise. Which is why at KPMG, not only will you receive a competitive salary, along with numerous fringe benefits but also the possibility to tailor your salary package to your needs.

As we value our employees and their individual needs, we developed a flexible reward plan so you can choose which benefits fit your needs and lifestyle best. In our online platform you can assign your budget to the options you prefer. This includes several mobility options but also additional holidays, IT devices or even donations to charity.

When employees join KPMG, to us this means the start of a successful career and hopefully a long and fruitful collaboration. This is why our salary package is not a one-time offer, we understand that employee needs change over time which is why you can change your selected benefits at any time.

Our Flexible Reward tool has been intuitively designed to allow you to choose how you spend your rewards. You can create budget, choose benefits and simulate the impact of your choices in a user-friendly environment. All processes are fully automated, decreasing your administrative burden.



When it comes to mobility solutions, you can choose alternative mobility measures or a combination. In addition to a company car you can choose a public transport membership and tailor your mobility choice to your day. You can even create budget, for holiday or other benefits, by downgrading your company car and see the immediate impact on your mobility budget– all through a customizable web-based tool.

As sustainability moves higher on the agenda, we want to offer our employees the latest innovative tools, allowing them to make smart and informed choices when it comes to their mobility.  At KPMG we encourage you to find the best combination possible for you.

This year, we’ve gone even further by doubling our mobility incentive from 5 EUR to 10 EUR per day, to help support our employees in making more sustainable mobility choices. This means that for every day you leave your car at home, you get 10 EUR!

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