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At KPMG, we truly believe our people are the heartbeat to our success. We commit ourselves to encouraging true team spirit and creating an international and dynamic working environment in which you can pursue the knowledge needed to boost your career. Additionally, as Top Employer, we highly invest in our people’s development of soft skills and technical knowhow.

We are fully committed to developing a continuous learning culture – one where every experience adds to the professional confidence of our employees, building their individual career capital.

From the moment you join us, you’ll have a personal development plan tailored to your individual needs and ambitions. This plan incorporates a powerful combination of technical training, coaching and mentoring, industry secondments and skill-building programs. And what’s more, our learning and development program is geared towards nurturing future leaders who are committed to making a difference in society.

Board of Young Professionals

This is a group of 25 enthusiastic employees, working on projects linked to sustainable business. Our ambassadors are informing and motivating colleagues about our strategy to grow in a sustainable way.


We support Enactus; inspiring the next generation, giving them the opportunity to make a real difference in their communities, as they develop the skills that to become the next generation of socially responsible business leaders.



Education and entrepreneurial spirit are important pillars of our strategy. We support YouthStart’s mission to teach opportunity-seeking young individuals entrepreneurial skills, offering them the possibility to realize their ambitions.