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Talent Development

Building a future-ready workforce

At KPMG, we are proud of our extraordinary people and want to provide them with the right experiences, exposure and education to further develop the leaders of tomorrow.

In an organization where everyone has a role to play in leadership, our ability to inspire trust, deliver impact and seek growth are key elements that build our business and drive our careers forward. At KPMG (self-) leadership is about developing capabilities for the future through mentorship, everyday experiences and learning that collectively fuels our development.


Day-to-day Learning

Our ambition is to strengthen our people to reach their fullest potential by stimulating day-to-day opportunities within the workplace. Take a moment to see what we stand for and what we offer!

  • Coaching & Mentorship
    People perform better, achieve greater satisfaction in their careers and advance faster when they have access to effective mentors and coaches. Both our Buddy and Mentorship@KPMG programs aspire to help our people reach greater heights.

  • Performance Development
    At KPMG we emphasize adopting a growth mindset and believe that everyone’s abilities can be developed. We are embracing feedback as the norm with an emphasis on meaningful conversations - informal as well as formal - making the entire performance development process transparent and future-focused.


KPMG Academies

We understand and value the benefits that lifelong learning provides for your growth, both professionally and personally. Throughout your career we will offer you a wide range of learning opportunities that will help you grow and excel as a professional.

  • Technical skills: The rapidly changing global business environment and increased quality of our professional standards require our people to stay on top of technical learning and development. KPMG is committed to continuously hone our technical expertise and business acumen via Global and/or local seminars, conferences, (e-)trainings, etc.

  • Skills for success: Blended learning opportunities to develop your commercial, communication, digital and leadership skills.

With our digital platform Degreed, you can access, search, share and track internal and external learning resources as well as personalize your own professional development path to ensure your skills stay relevant.